Are you being scamed online?

People tend to use the internet for all sorts of things: communicating, researching, buying stuff.. But how many acctually take into consideration the amounts of frauds and scams made daily online?

Online you can be whoever you want if you know how to handle your wardrobe of disguises. With the proper design and the right .jpg icons, you can trick almost anyone into believing you’re a non-profit organisation, selling viagra-pills for the benefit of homeless children in St. Petersburg.
A survey made by symantec in 2010 shows how many emails (out of the ones they could acctually monitor) that were spam.
And now of course, spam can just be pure ads, and doesn’t necessarily have to contain a fraud or a scam, but looking in my resent “trashmail” inbox, I belive many people recognise this sight?
Who are these people? Who makes the designs to these emails? I keep wondering, but I havn’t met anyone yet. And it really seems quite pointless doesn’t it? I meen who would ever fall for this shit? Do they make any money at all? It keeps bugging me, this equation, but I guess my faith in humanity might be too strong. If any business is THIS persistent in its advertisement, it has to make at least a couple of dollars a day.
My conclusion is that it has to be really old people that just doesn’t know what they’re doing. It just couldn’t be any other way…? Could it?
Edited 2013-03-12

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