Regarding “The Shake”

Having spent almost an hour watching different versions of the superhype “The Harlem Shake“, I have begun to question the way I choose to spend my precious time. (Here’s a great example bytheway)

U see me shakin, they hatin

As my lecturer Dr. Ted Mitev made certain in class yesterday, something quite undeterminable is happening to the media industry right now. The Producers and the Consumers have merged into one, to the benefit of the latter. We are now not only capable of producing our own media and news, but are encouraged to do so. The Produsers love to follow the trends like hypes such as “Planking”, “Owling” and other memes, and have now also begun in the video platforms.

Remixes has been around for a while, but the numbers engaged in these recent videos are just sick. Got this slide in a lecture the other day, its from and shows some baffeling numbers regarding “The Shake”:

Also, read this swedish article on “The Shake”, from a choreographer, devestated about the hype, saying it completely killed the original definition of “the harlem shake”, introduced in the hiphop-scene in the early 80’s. Now, it will probably never be the same to most people.

One thing is born, another one dies. But isn’t it always like that? At the end of the day, we all just love to see other people freak out completely.

One Shake to rule them all /



One response to “Regarding “The Shake”

  1. I must confess, I have participated in a Shake video that is up on youtube. But as overhyped as it is (and even I’m sick of seeing/hearing it everywhere), it was really fun and ridiculously easy to make and I guess that’s what makes it so popular.
    Like the Numa video, the Shake is so simple and inviting for people to have a go and it’s not like it’s hurting anyone.

    There’s enough sad news around the world, let the internet and its people have their fun 🙂

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