My Master Plan:

My platform of choice is also my greatest tech-love these last years: 99413


Yes peeps: Spotify. Spotify is the ultimate music-platform for listening, discovering and downloading music. I can use it on any online hardware I might carry around: Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop etc. writes: “Spotify’s markets include the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Germany, France and Australia, according to the company’s website. The service has 20 million free users and about 5 million who pay $10 a month to access unlimited, commercial-free music on computers and mobile devices.” (posted 13/3-2013) And that sums up the most essential facts pretty good.

Spotify and MSN throwing a grand fiesta with A$AP ROCKY as headliner

In Sweden, it’s been around in a beta-version since the summer of 2008 and then they launched the paid subscription feature with the actual release in October the same year (acc to It was an initial success, as everyone got to use the service for free the first couple of months, and it spread like a fire in the grasslands. Spotify’s real asset in front of others were that they somehow managed to convince the record companies to get access to their licenced material. Don’t ask me how, but it was really this fact that made the whole concept work.

The system works like this: Someone listens to your(the artist) song = you get an infinatly small compensation. Track played many times=bigger compensation. The money is calculated on how many times your song is played in relation to the total amount of plays on the platform. And then you get 85-92.5 % of that money. The rest goes to the company that put your song out there. (

Daniel Ek (founder of Spotify) & Sean Parker

But the major step towards globalization was the recruitment of the influential entrenprenour Sean Parker. Parker made the connection possible with Zuckerberg’s Facebook and other big fish, and the investments started rolling in. This made is possible to expand early in the companys career, and by late July 2011, Spotify hit the US market. (This information was given to me first-hand, while I was hanging out in Parkers townhouse in New York. Pretty impressing house by the way)

As you might have guessed there is a LOT of convergence going on here. You’ve got the connection with companies as Facebook, apparantly with all the involved record companies: Virgin, Sony BMG and Universal to mention a few, but there’s is also Logitech, Philips, Samsung, WD and a lot more. I want to look in to that and more precisely, the technology that has been invented in order to form these alliances. But I really want to focus on what is going to happen in the future. What will the next step be, big or small.

If Music and Media are concepts that interrest you, follow my blog and find out what music consumption will be like in the future!

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6 responses to “My Master Plan:

    • You’re gonna love it. One day. 😉 I’ll make sure of that! What have you chosen? Really nice structure on your posts by the way! Good inspiration!

  1. That’s wicked, thanks 🙂
    I’m either going to look into gaming profiles (like steam, PSN, Xbox live etc) OR look into Anonymous/Hacktivist groups as both a platform and emergent culture/organisation. I’m so indecisive…

    • Anonymous or Hacktivist would be pretty cool, but in the sense of convergence I would go for Steam or PSN! There are some interresting things to look at there I believe.. Battlenet? 🙂 By the way, whatever happened to Wikileaks?

      • Wikileaks seemed to have gone dormant for a bit, I haven’t heard a lot from them recently. But I ended up choosing the steam/psn route (Battlenet would be interesting!). I’ll keep the hacktivsts up my sleeve for later 🙂

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