I want it all !

Sometimes I find myself with quite a pickle. I love to be creative; create, participate, collaborate, distribute. If you want to distribute and produce creative material, my opinion is that you should probably spend as much time as possible making that content as good and qualitative as possible. Practice leads to perfect. There is a lot of interference out there already, and if you’re going to use the best distribution channel in the world, the internet, you might as well distribute something worth consuming.

So here’s the pickle. There are already so many great works out there, but no time to see it all. I have a list of movies (about 100+ and counting), saved URL’s to webpages/TEDtalks/documentaries/webcasts, a playlist named “music to go through”(about 200 songs and counting)and I don’t want to spend all my time being a passive consumer.

This equation nags on me daily; So much stuff, so little time.

Please someone help me.

Queen – I Want It All


2 responses to “I want it all !

  1. Definitely a relatable post. Great stuff! 🙂
    I have folders upon folders of saved bookmarks from browser tabs of stuff I want to look at that I never get around too – like there’s too much to sift through and I’m intimidated to even start.

    In regards to wanting to do everything, I’d say start off with something that you love doing but really focus on one point (I love design so that was my starting point, but you might like making music, or videos, whatever floats your boat). Hone your skills and once you’re awesome at it, then branch off into other points. I think it’s a lot less intimidating to go from focus point to focus point than try and put everything on your plate at once.

    I used to make a bunch of posters for games/tv shows I enjoyed and posted them up for fun. Eventually, it just gets exhausting (creatively especially) producing and engaging with the content like that. I personally found that after a while, I didn’t enjoy the source material as much (if that makes sense). I’d lose sight of what I did like while trying to be an ‘active consumer’. I dunno, sometimes it’s nice to sit back and observe something for a while.

    • Those are some great pointers! Thank you for the tips! Good to hear that others feel the same! Being hungry for knowledge and inspiration could never really be a bad thing right? It all depends on how you choose to handle the problem. As long as you are keeping yourself inspired with new stuff your own creative works never become obsolete..

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