Looking back, over my shoulder

I have had a lot of fun writing these posts about the music industry. It has created a strong sense of exploration every week so far, and I just want to go deeper and deeper, but with time being limited, I have to chose my battles. Here are some reflections on some of my posts.

With a little help from my friends (and the Google algorithm)

Writing this post to the question “How is citizen journalism affecting the music industry?, I had to really find an angle that would be interesting. I thought about how music is being judged and criticized now, in contrast to the conventional model a couple of years back, and proposed that viral marketing was one of the most valuable elements of future music marketing. We love the chance to express our thoughts on a common field, and online forums are just too easy and convenient to use for all the music lovers out there. I enjoyed bringing in the technological aspect of virality as well, but I would have wanted to discuss it further with more opinions than B.J Mendelson’s.


Bits and Pieces – Transmedia Music

I think I found a good angle on transmedia in music with the idea that an artist can in itself be the message. Many artists claim they are just “telling their story”, and what is the object of that story if not the artist him- or herself? I also enjoyed exploring the case with Nine Inch Nails, and their game “Year Zero”. I think it brought something new to the table, and I believe it’s one of the best examples on transmedia narratives in the music industry. I always like it when I come up with little ideas about how this field will develop, as I did in the end here.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Sampling without scruples

This is a subject I have spent some time getting back to in my thoughts ever since I saw “Everything is a remix” a couple of years ago. I liked the angle I found with recognition to the original artists, and how I tried to paint a picture about how it can be. Finding Whosampled.com as my case study for this post was golden. I would’ve liked to discuss the juridical aspect further but there just wasn’t enough space and time…


Anyone else with pointers or opinions, feel free to contribute in the comment field!

Love / Jonas

Oh, and by the way: Great Title Game this week.


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